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Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

religion: morality

Understanding morals

Translated from the book Is "af thalibi Ridhol Khllaq bibayani Makarimil Akhlaq.Akhlak
adalahsifat traits and temperament that is likened to the human mind as a description yangbersifat meaningful and rohani.Dimana with that picture man raised disaathakikat everything looks the Day of Resurrection nanti.Akhlak is the plural of khuluk that when connected to humans, said khuluk opposite of kholq. behavior and human nature both admirable and deplorable called denganakhlak.Akhlak an ethical human behavior toward other human beings, Allah manusiadengan behavior and human behavior on the environment hidup.Segala kind of behavior or good deeds that appear in daily life or akhlakul haridisebut akhlakul kharimah mahmudah.Acuhannya is
Qur 'an and Hadith
and universally applicable.
Various kinds of morality
Akhlakul karimah (praiseworthy traits) is many kinds, including adalahhusnuzzan, persistent, initiative, self-sacrificing, good karma to creation
God, justice, blessing, pious charity, patience, trust, qona "ah, thoughtful, confident, and
there are many more.
Husnuzzan was prejudiced either positive or called thinking.Lawan of
This is a word that means prejudiced su'uzzan ataup negative thinking.

Or persistent hard work and optimistic among the noble character percayaakan positive results in all the effort.

Initiative is commendable behavior due to the nature terseb
ut means being able berprakarsamelakukan positive activities and attitudes menhindarkan kedalamsituasi hasty act tough, act with awareness of their own without waiting for orders, and selalumenggunakan reason when acting in a variety of situations for the purpose of sacrifice means masyarakat.Rela willing to sacrifice what we have for the sake of something or This demiseseorang.Semua if the purpose or intent and purpose based baik.Tata karma towards fellow creatures of Allah is highly recommended to God's creatures as this is one suggestion to kaumnya.Adil Allah in the Arabic language are grouped into two words al-
'Adl and al
is justice based heart size or ratio, while al-
"IDL is justice
physically measurable and can be perceived by the senses like few atautimbangan.Ridho was like, willingly, and senang.Konsep blessings God teaches men to accept voluntarily the things that happen to us.

Amal Saleh is the act of physically and spiritually that result in lasting positive ataubermanfaat.Sabar is there any suffering or in a manner that does not favor ridhodan surrender completely to God SWT.Tawakal is fully surrendered to God in the face or menungguhasil of a job.
Qona "ah is being content with what they have and keep away from nature
dissatisfaction or lack of .. Wisdom is a person's attitude and actions are done by carefully hatidan of wisdom to a problem that occurred, whether it occurred in souls or the people themselves are lain.Percaya circumstances will ensure one's ability to work due melakukansuatu he feels has advantages both advantages posturtubuh, ancestry, social status, occupation or pendidikan.1).
Morals to the Creator
One of the underlying behaviors or actions on the Creator adalahTaubat.Taubat character literally means return kebenaran.Secara adalahmeninggalkan terms of the nature and behavior is not good, wrong or sinful with full penyesalandan intend and try not to repeat the mistakes serupa.Dengan katalain, repentance means back to the attitude, or the establishment of good deeds and regret danbenar sin is already done. # According to Ibn KatsirTaubat is Penance is abstain from sin and regret over dosayang've done in the past, and sure will not make the mistakes that samapada future. # According A.JurjaniTobat is back on God and let go of all attachments from perbuatandosa and perform all obligations to God. # According HamkaTobat is returned to the right path after taking a very misguided and do not necessarily ujungnya.2).
Morals on Others
After looking at the condition of social reality certainly not without talking masalahkehidupan.Masalah and purpose of life is to survive for kehidupanselanjutnya and road defend life only by addressing problems hidup.Kehidupan himself never restrict a person's freedom or right to free expression, berkarya.Kehidupan is mutually contingent among sesamamakhluk and in life, we also can not be separated from the good life rules derived from the norms of the agreement or religious norms, because the norm will be much more mewmahami hidupkita what is moral in this is the character between sesamamanusia and other creatures

hidup.Kehidupan himself never restrict a person's freedom or right to free expression, are mutually contingent berkarya.Kehidupan between sesamamakhluk and in life, we also can not be separated from the good life rules derived from the norms of the agreement or religious norms, because the norm hidupkita would be far more mewmahami what is moral in this case is between the character and creature lainnya.Dalam sesamamanusia Aklak against fellow distinguished concentrated in two kinds: @
Morals to fellow Muslims.
As the race course followers Rasullulah his footsteps is a great teacher umatIslam to be known and enviable, because the Prophet said that in nukilkan in
a hadith which means "Verily I was sent to perfect moral yangmulia." What is meant is the noble spirit of morals that form the human heart
which has a value of worship after receiving stimulation from social reality social.Karenakondisi circumstances that shape the character of a person's presence to reach sebuahkeadaan.Contohnya: when we want to be respected by others, it is our duty as well harusmenghargai others, respect for elders, love the lebihmuda, sympathize the poor because it is a characteristic of good morals danterpuji.Contoh else is morality among fellow Muslims is keeping lisandalam words so as not to make others around us lebihmenyakitkan even more offended when we speak only through subtle whisper ditalinga temandihadapan friends, because it is not polite bahkandiharamkan ethics in Islam. @ Morals to fellow non muslimAkhlak among non-Muslims, even this siapapunmereka taught in religion because they are God's creatures have a principle to live by the values ​​nilaikemanusiaan.Namun unfortunately sometimes we misinterpret siapaserta convicted even their existence is a mistake that must be changed while there diri.Karena time to change it is not independent of social ethics as being hidupsocial.Berbicara problem of belief is a matter of conscience that has an unbiased asasikemerdekaan confused our rights with the right to free other people, especially the most important problem is the belief that we further interpret kehidupansocial because in life there are ethical social.Berbicara name socialadalah ethical issues can not be separated from our characters live in relationships, work and other life-lain.Contohnya how we appreciate what their particular beliefs, religious ketikaupacara progress, they live in a minority sekalipun.Memberibantuan when they are exposed to natural disasters or longer needed because it is a good character in the life of non-Muslims. @
Conclusion Morals To Each Other
After studying and understanding the character of the neighbor in conclusion adalahsesungguhnya in life, we can not be separated from what is inside kitasebagai sudak including one man is akhlak.Karena character is one satupredikat pliers carried by human morality will run after the man himself beradadalam social nature . Good and bad morals to others depending on the person menjalanihidup, is formed by the mind or character by heart because they are

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