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Senin, 26 November 2012

Gives steps Audio Effects

Audio effects
Adobe Premiere Pro provides many audio effects to be applied to the audio clip, such as Balance, Bandpass, Bass, Channel Volume, DeNoiser, Delay, Dynamics, EQ, Fill Left, Fill Right, highpass, Invert, Lowpass, MultibandCompressor, Multitap Delay, Notch, parametric EQ, PitchShifter, Reverb, Swap Channels, Treble, and Volume.
Giving Audio Effects
The easiest way to apply is to the effect:

1. Select the audio clip in the Audio Track in the Timeline window.

2. Then open the Effects Tab in the Project Window. Then expand Audio Effects option, then expand anyway Stereo option.

3. Then select an audio effect in it, and then drag and drop effects on the audio clip in the Timeline window.

4. After that open the Effect Controls tab within the Monitor window to set the parameters of audio effect.

5. To remove an audio effect, select audio effects that appear in the Effect Control Tab and press the Delete key on the keyboard, the sound effects will be deleted.

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