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Selasa, 06 November 2012

How to Play & Tips Play Counter Strike Online

 How to play Counter Strike Online: Main Counter Strike or CS is a craze called since ancient times, the age of first saia senengnya opponent was playing CS bot (PODbot)
1. If weve ga no rival, play ama boots, but do not use cheats and select the level of his most tggi bot.
2. If Pake Ak 47, if shot him right in the head. But if you want popcorn tembaknya bullet to the foot of his enemy. 80% I guarantee it will be a headshot.
3. If use karbin, if his shot all once, shoot her fitting way to his head. If for example you like popcorn shot him, point to his chest .. If this is likely around
70% headshot.
4. If use Deagle, shoot shoot his chest usahain up. Accuracy of the deagle is quite high.
5. If you want us nimble leap, try pressing Ctrl + spacebar.
6. For example, throwing a flash bang, sheet, estimate 2 seconds later flashbang will then explode, so explosive clay directly to the back (not to explode in front of the eyes) you will be free to menmbak or stab your enemies.
7. Get used to playing pake headshet, ato least speaker. Concentrations in his footsteps. Kerasa koq steps enemy from any direction.
8. If playing team, ga have all gathered at one point, simply keep their posts. Once the enemy plasticity, directly good for in surrounded.
9. The sensitivity of the mouse you have to be adjusted and socialized with kmu. I used to use sensi 4 Because I'm agile, if kmu use snipers, use a lower sensi wrote.
10. In a team game, if kmu terosist, never let the bombers walking alone.
11. Want to switch weapons quickly??? Ga usa again massage the numbers on the keyboard. Simply press Q.
12. Want the ga sound kmu step? Press shift ama kmu step directions.
13. If you run swaktu enemies and through walls, wooden box / door wall firing aja fit your feeling Because a shot to the walls will be translucent, but ga smua weapon that could ngelakuin smua, who can: CV47 (AK47), M4A1 (Carbin), Night Hawk (Deagle), (Counter Terrorist team) Bupup, (Terrorist team) Krieg 552, M249 (Machines Gun), Magnum Sniper Rifle, kalo msh baru2 maen please just use guns Bupup ato Krieg 552 (ternyaman weapon for beginners) if that weapon in ngezoom can right-click a little so try point to the head / chest 1-3 times a shot is enough ngebuat enemy lying ..


* Wear your feeling
* Master the character of the weapon because each weapon has different characters that
* Knowing the ins and outs of the area (Map) do you play
* Work together team, if you play with your team, make sure not to walk alone at least some both, but remember ..! the whole team should not go to the same place as the going easier on butcher

further for beginners

This is the most important for beginners,,!! understand

Understanding Basic Counter Strike (CS)
There are a few things to know in Counter Strike:
1. Counter Strike is a Game / Games-developed multiplayer system (PC / LAN / Online)
and air-type genre-First Person Shooter FPS (First Person Perspective).
2. Counter Strike is a game that aims to develop:
- Kekompakkan
- Discipline
- Ability
Of each player as a Team / Group (Clan / Team).
3. Counter Strike requires the players to:
- Ability to maximize memampuannya in playing FPS games.
- Ability to maximize the whole environment in the game Counter Strike, such as;
- Setting Console (~)
- Weapon / Weapons
- Map / Map (Mission Objective)
- Use good on Equipment: Mouse / Keyboard / Speaker / Headset / etc with Game.
- Able to minimize oneself of illegal use of a destructive program stability,
effectiveness, and creativity in the game Counter Strike.
4. Counter Strike is a game online with a variety of modes in terms of players:
- Singleplayer (BOT Player)
- Multiplayer (LAN / Online)
5. Counter Strike Other Modes:
- Team Deathmatch (As we play on different servers in general)
- Clan Mod (@ Clan War Clan Mode - 5 people)
- CSDM Mod (Team Deathmatch equipped with Re-Spawn Player)
- Last Man Standing Mod (Free Mode, The Most Demanding Skills Individual)

Counter Strike Basic Trick:
Targeting / Aiming (Aim)
- See the target
- Move the crosshair with the shortest possible time to the target
- Make sure the crosshair remains on target
- Aiming thus declared 'successful'.

Firing / Shooting (Shooting)
- Perform Aiming before firing
- Then Shoot the target with 'light yet landslide' (If using Mouse1 (Left Click))
That is, do the 'Left Click' with mild (minimalist 'yaw'-' pitch '/ shift crosshair) but
landslide (left click is pressed with the finger definitely used).
- Guaranteed If this trick demonstrated by a shrewd and sharp, then Shooting / Firing declared 'successful'.

Placing a Grenade (Grenade Placing)

1. Flash Bang (FB) / Bomb Light --- Aiming Doing White Flash Screen on the screen.
- Determine the area that will be in place FB
- Make sure FB will not be seen by the eye / FPS display range when the blast (BANG!).
- Throw-intensity 'mouse drag' and 'distance-high' according to the distance area.
- 2-3 Seconds before the blast.
- Avoid FB (Ignoring FB)
way 1: soon occupy a safe location out of reach of FB (2-3 seconds)
way 2: if you want her to do "Rushing Area / Forward Storming Area,
Behind did right (180 degrees 'm_yaw') on FB when it blows up (BANG!).
- BANG!, Blow FB works, and according to the required destination.
2. Smoke Grenade (SG) / Smoke Bomb --- Creates a fairly dense smoke in the area.
- Determine the area that will be placed SG
- Throw-intensity 'mouse drag' and 'distance-high' according to the distance area.
- SG Explode.

3. High Explosives (HE) / Explosive Grenades --- Cause Damage In Area Explode.
- HE is Explosive Damage can cause, so
USE FOR THE BENEFIT; such as (Hurting Opponent)
- Determine the area (if the area is Better There are opponents) to be detonated HE.
- Throw-intensity 'mouse drag' and 'distance-high' according to the distance area.
- Better Do For Phase Attack with Intensity Weight.

Counter Strike Advance Trick:

Calculating Statistics Enemy (Fight Stactistik calculation) *
This can be done in the following ways:

Passive stated, Because WITHOUT Preceded Do Measures of Self-Subject (Self / Subject)
1. Vision
- Light Shot, Ricochet / Reflection Bullets fired on Environment Map / Map (Box, Floor, Wall, etc.).
- Number and Grenades Explode (FB, SG, and HE)
- Weapons used opponents / friends.
- Dead Bodies (bodies Player Opponent / Friends)
- The weapons lying wild (Without Weapons Master)
2. Hearing (Do With Speaker / Headset / or the like)
- Step Foot (Footsteps), make sure you and the team atmosphere in a state of 'silent' / 'silent'.
- The sound of gunfire, cited by Trigger Sound Grenade, Blow Sound and Sound Weapon Switching (Substitution Weapons).

Expressed On, As Do TO Preceded Measures of Self-Subject (Self / Subject)
Such as;

=> Action, Rush and Attack / Forward and Attacking. <--- (Most Prevalent / Kudhu / Would Happen In Public Server).
=> Do Temple Attack; Attacks Feed. (Remember Attack It Do With Full Confidence and Resilience Strong)
Attack / The attack aims to draw out the opponent momentarily.
After Temple Attack, Vision and Hearing Step2 Perform in-Above (bag. Passive).

After Step2 Do accordance with appropriate, the calculations / computations can yield the following information:
- Number of Opponents In Specific Areas
- Weapons Fight
- Situation Movement Strategy Against
- Strength of Opponent (extra, if possible)

Sneaking a Spot Area (Guerrilla to an area) * <---- (Especially Effective in Clan War Match)

1. Without the Temple Attack / Attack Feed
- Determine the area of the field.
- Prepare SG / FB taste.
- Ensure Previous doin 'Statistical Calculation Opponent', and then after that ...
- Perform Placing preemptively FB
- In the 'Sela Time' FB, SG Perform Placing the area that will be entered ...
- After doing the observations 'Statistical Calculation Opponents' once again ...
- If the situation showed no signs "that is not fun, then sneaking to do
- Thus 'Sneaking a Spot Area / Guerrilla Area' declared 'successful'.

Happy studying

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