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Selasa, 27 November 2012

import the clip and do the trimming

Usually after adjust settings and capture the project at the beginning of the project, the next steps are:1. Importing clip2. Conducting the election scene (the trimming)3. Preparing clip into the Timeline Window4. Provide Transition5. Effect Video6. Doing Transparency / superimpose7. Doing Animation8. Giving Title9. Exporting MovieImporting ClipClip is the name for the files that can be used in the
project to build the project in the Timeline, can be image files / images, video files and sound files / audio. File formats supported by Adobe Premiere Pro is QuickTime, Direct Show (Windows only), AVI (Windows only), WAV (Windows only), Adobe Photoshop, JPEG, SGI, Softimage PIC, Targa, TIFF, PICT, Cineon, RLA, Electric Image, Filmstrip, FLC / FLI, EPS (import only), Adobe Illustrator (import only). Here are the steps to import the clip:1. On the menu select File> Import.2. It will show the Import dialog box, select the file to be imported. Then press Open.

3. Then the file has been imported will appear in the Project Window.

 Doing TrimmingThe files clip capture and import results remains a rough pieces that still have to do the final selection or sorting.Basically the process is determining Trimming In Point and Out Point to trim the clip and then the results can be compiled into the Timeline using lifts and overlay method will be discussed in further discussion. Here are the steps Trimming:1. Double-click one of the clips in the Project Window then the clip will appear in the Source Monitor or drag one clip in the Project Window into the Source Window.

2. Then to play the clip using the Play button or by dragging the playhead to a position when we want, and then click the Set In Point button to mark the start trimming. This button is on the left under the Monitor Window.
In the process of determining the Point Source Monitor Window

3. Then slide the playhead to the position of the end time and click the Set Out Point to mark the end of the trimming.

4. If the clip that we file or video file trim is composed of video and audio, then we can choose the format that will be compiled into the Timeline, can be a video without audio / sound or just audio that will be inserted into the Timeline. But if we trim the clip either an audio only, so that we can put into the Timeline also be audio only. There are three choices Toggle Take Audio and Video the Take Video, Take Audio, Take Audio and Video. Toggle Take Video to set the video format including only without voice / audio to the Timeline, while Toggle Take Audio if enabled then only the audio that will be inserted into the Timeline, and Toggle Take Audio and Video when enabled the trimming results are included in Timeline will be a video along with audio.

5. After the clip ditrimming the clip ready to be spliced ​​in the Timeline window. To sort clip trimming results in the Timeline Window how drag videos that appear on the Source Monitor window into the Timeline window by drag as usual. If the format is a video clip then place on Track Video trimming results, if the format of the audio clip is then placed on the Audio Track, but if the format is a video that has audio then place it in the next Video Track audio format that will fit in with him occupy the empty Audio Track .

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