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Kamis, 22 November 2012

Volleyball Techniques

ServiceService at the time was no longer as the beginning of a game or just serve the ball, but as a first strike to shift the servicing. Services consist of services and service hands down hand over hand atas.Servis distinguished the tennis serve, floating and cekis.1. service hands down1. first service criss players stand more forward with the left foot from the

right foot.
2. the ball is held with the left hand3. bounced the ball is not too high, right hand pulled down the back4. after the ball about waist, right arm straight ahead swing to hit the ball5. palm facing the ball and hand tightened to get a perfect reflection, may also hold hands.2. tennis service1. attitudes preparation starts by taking the position left foot more forward, knees slightly lower2. left and right hands together holding the ball, the ball kirimenyangga hand, right hand on the ball.3. bounced the ball with his left hand about 1/2 feet above the head4. going back to the right hand over his head, facing forward5. do movements like mensmesh ball, attention focused on the ball6. crack of hand required at perkenaan ball.3. floating service1. same foot position as tennis service2. left hand and the right hand holding the ball as well as high temple3. with his left hand the ball bounced right laterally ssedikit not too high4. after the ball bounced high above his head, slapped his right hand in the middle of the ball.5. punch float can be done in several ways:1. with the heel of the hand2. by hand, with the thumb folded into the palm of the hand and a stick3. hitting with hands clasped.4. cekis1. attitude beginning to take a stand stand sideways to the left side of the body closer kejaring.2. held the ball left and right hand.3. as the ball bounced, diliukkan body back and knees slightly bent4. both hands stretched out towards the bottom right side in a state handling the ball.5. dilambung ball above the head with both hands.6. after a loose ball, right hand pulled aside the lower right, liukkan body right.7. weight was right at the feet, palms facing upwards8. after the ball is in the reach of the hand, as soon as possible with the same arm, left aside the agency liukkan9. perkenaan bottom ball behind the ball, hit the ball and prod agencies assisted liukkan hand.Service there are several kinds:• Service is service with a prefix on throwing the ball up as needed. The server then jump to hit the ball with the top of his swing.• Service is service with the prefix under the ball in the hands of a did not hit the ball. The hand preparing to hit the ball out of the back of the body to hit the ball with the swing arm from the bottom.• Service is a service float on the prefix and hit a similar manner. Prefix service float is throwing the ball up but not too high (not too high of a head). The hand will be ready to hit the ball close to the ball with a very short swing.To consider in service include:• posture and view.• Stomach or more must comply with the requirements.• As when to hit the ball.Passing• Passing Down (Punch / retrieval hands down)o squatting posture, knees slightly bent.o hands clenched, one with the other sealed.o Hand movements adapted to the hard / weak ball speed.• Passing Top All (Punch / retrieval hands up)o squatting posture, knees slightly bent.o body bent slightly prominent, elbows bent fingers spread to form a hemispherical arch.o The thumb and index finger close together to form a triangle.o touching on all the movements of the fingers and hands straighteno Using footwork to add powerSmash (spike)By forming a hard blow attacks when the ball is above the net, to put into the opponent. To do well need to consider the following factors: prefix, repulsion, punches, and landing. According Muhajir Mechanical Engineering smash in volleyball games can be interpreted as a way of playing the ball efficiently and effectively in accordance with the applicable rules of the game in order to achieve an optimal result (2006.23). In the opinion of M. Mariyanto argued that: 'Smash is a powerful blow which hands full contact with the ball at the top, so that the ball steep road at high speed, when the ball hit higher above the net, the ball can be hit sharply down. " (2006: 128) argues that Kristianto Iwan, Smash is usually deadly wallop difficult because the ball is received or returned. "(2003: 143). Spike is a form of attack most used to attack in order to obtain the value of a team in a game of volleyball. From some opinions on the above it can be concluded that the technique Smash or spike is to play the ball efficiently and effectively in accordance with the rules of the game to reach the hard knocks that is usually lethal to the opponent. According to the test smash smash Sandika argued that the test is a benchmark to measure the ability to smash.Stem (blocking)

The ball is passed hand-blockersWith efforts near the net to try to resist / obstruct the ball coming from the opponent. Block the correct attitude is:• Squatting, preparing to jump.• Jump with both hands tightly and straight up.• When landing should immediately step aside and allow the team to turn a friend to block.Block there are two kinds. 1. Single block 2. double block is Block single stem ball by one player doubles Block is stem ball by two players or lebih.Hal that must be considered in performing a double block include integrating footsteps and cooperation among blocker in determining the time jumps and the direction of the ball.Position players (position players)At the time of service both teams should be in the field / its region each in two rows laterally. Three rows in front and three rows behind. Server named number one player, two players named speaker, the third player named set upper or tosser, number four player called blockers, number five and six players named libero

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