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Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

How to make the drive icon, folder icon, and background image on a usb flash and removable storages!

1. Create a new folder on your computer, let's call her Rose,, hahah, you wrote the name of the icon and background.
2. Make 4 or more folders didalamnya.namanya Documents, Musics, Softwares, Pictures, and others. An easy way to make a new folder (Alt and press F, W, and F then enter, repeated until umpteen times)
3. Right-click one of those folders, properties -> costumize -> change icon -> select windows default icon, then apply and

ok. (Do it for the other folders foler). Customise icon can only be done if the location of the folder on the computer hard drive, if it is in flash, customizable icons can not be done.

4. After all the folders given icon, now prepare background, JPG extension, 1.jpg name and icon file extension. Ico, name 1.ico. Then copy and paste the folder icon and background.
5. Now we create the file. Inf for the call icon 1.ico earlier. Open Notepad,type
[Autorun]Icon = 1.ico
save as autorun.inf folder in the folder icon and background.
6. The next step for the file., To summon an image as a background, or background. Open notepad copy and paste the script below:
[{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}]Attributes = 1IconArea_Image = 1.jpgIconArea_Text = 0x00FFFFFF
save as desktop.ini in the folder folder icon and background.if you want to change the color of the font, change FFFFFF (white) with a string of six characters that other combination of F and 0 (zero), eg 000 000 (black), 00FF00, 0000FF, FFFF00, etc.. Can be customized with the color of the background image that you use. If white drawings, and use FFFFFF, later writing the name of the folder will go ga plasticity, so if a white background, change FFFFFF with 000 000 (black).
7. Completed. Now there are 4 or more folders to icons, 1 jpg image files, one file icon. Ico, 1 file.'s, And 1 file. Inf. (4 files last, icon-image-inf-this should not be on the move, there must be outside the flash folders, should dihidden only, so as not to accidentally displaced)
8. Copy all the files, and paste it in your pendrive. And organize the files that you store in the flash will fit folders. Last 4 files (pictures, icons,. Inf and.'s) Dihidden should be more presentable. Do not forget, one day iconmu flashdiskmu not appear on the computer, which means that there are viruses that modify your inf file, so the file icon is not called by the inf file.

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