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Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

KKPI: Understanding network

A. Understanding Networks (Networking) Computernetwork is a system composed of the computer with other devices together to form a network to communicateSince the discovery of techniques of data communication between computers, startgrowing use of computer networks in business institutionsas well as education and research as well as other institutions.In a computer network typically connects multiple computers tomultiple servers.Servers are computers that enabledas a "servant" and data transmission or reception of data and organizesending and receiving data between computersconnected. The function of this service is made possible by the use of

specialized software for servers. The software, which was known amongAnother Xenix from IBM, UNIX, Novell and Microsoft Windows 3.11 and someother brands. Currently, the common man is the software usedNovell and Windows NT from the latest types which havecompatibility with the Internet. Compatibility or suitability is made possible by the manufacturer because the company has mengembangkanproduknya by adding TCP / IP. Is the system TCP / IP tersebutTCP / IP (Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is used in the Internet as a delivery system meta data and monitoring.Physically, a computer network connected computerswith the data cable. There are various types of data cables are made forspecific use such as RG 58 cable for indoors, it can alsousing UTP cable. For the relationship between building computer networksRG8 cable can be used, known as the backbone cable.If we build a computer network between buildings shouldattention to safety from lightning disturbances.
B. Basic Terminology NetworkComputer networks are built in the shape and sizevary, depending on the conditions and needs. The design of thethe rapid development of computer networks. Design iscalled network terminology.In the first LANs and WANs is an original design of the networkcomputer. However, currently undergoing development. Asknowledge, current "area network" which are:• Local Area Network (LAN)• Wide Area Network (WAN)• Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)• Storage Area Network (SAN)• System Area Network (SAN)• Small Area Network (SAN)• Personal Area Network (PAN)• Desk Area Network (DAN)• Controller Area Network (CAN)• Cluster Area Network (CAN)
Local Area Network (LAN) is a communicationscomputer or communications devices in an arealimited to using certain communication media (cable,wireless, etc.)LAN designed for the needs and conditions:• Operate within a limited geographical area (small)• Provide access to user-user through the medium-bandwidthhigh• Provide full-time connectivity to the services local• Perform a physical connection between devicesadjacent• Presenting control in private networks under local kendaliadministrator (Network Administrator).
Wide Area Network (WAN) is a communication between the LAN,between LANs separated from one another by a distancegeographically far enough. For example, the relationship between the officecenter with branches in the area.Some WAN technologies are commonly used:• Modem• ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)• DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)• Frame Relay• ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode• SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)
WAN is designed for the needs and conditions:• Operates on a wider geographic area• Allow access via serial interface speedsmedium• Presenting connectivity full-time / part-time• Connect to the separate perangakat global distances.As a science, "area network" that also othernetwork terminology only be an addition. FollowingThe short definition:
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network withoperating area larger than a LAN but smaller than a WAN(In the town of), with a capacity of data and hardware performancehigh.
Storage Area Network (SAN) is a device connectionsstorage through technologies such as Fibre channel
System Area Network is performing connectionshigh hardware and high-speed connections in akonfiurasi cluster.

Sharing resources among other things:- Data- Hardware (printers, CD-Rom)- Communication Devices
A network can be connected to various mediacommunication include:- Cables- Radio- SatelliteAdvantages of computer networks:- SpeedWith computer networks will work faster, facilitiessharing will facilitate the transfer of data between computers.- CostHardware resources can be minimized due tohardware sharing between computers.- Security
Computer networks provide access rights to the fileor other resources.
- Centralized Software Management
One of the advantages of computer networks is convergence
application program. This will reduce the time and effort to
installation program respective computers.- Resource Sharing
Computer networks can overcome the limited hardware
(Printers, CDROM, etc.) as well as data.- Flexible Access
Users can access data from a centralized computer
anywhere.- Etc.

Path configuration is the number of tools in the relationship(Link). There are two types, among others:- Point to pointRelations between the two network devices.- MultipointRelations between the two devices over a network.Based on the architecture, computer networks can be divided into three,among other things:- Host Terminal- Client Server- Peer to peer

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