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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

INDONESIAN: THE MEANING denotation and connotation

meaning denotation
    Is the meaning of words that correspond to the actual meaning or according to the dictionary meaning.
    Sister eat rice.
    Eating it means to put something in the mouth.
meaning connotation
      Is a figurative meaning or meanings that arise after arranged in sentences.
      Meaning connotation is divided into two, namely:
1. Positive connotations of a word that has a meaning that is felt better and more polite.
2. Negative connotations are words that are abusive or disrespectful.
  To understand the meaning of denotation and connotation to the following I will give an example soalnnya:
1. Due to rain and gales, the tree in front of my house ....
The correct word to complete the sentence above is

a. collapse
b. fall
c. collapse
d. collapse  

-The word fell significantly collapsed (house wall).
-The word fell significantly can not stand it any longer, lost, faded faith. 
-The word fallen significantly fall, fall (trees, plants, etc.) 
- The word collapse meaningful collapsed due to damage (buildings). 
- Answer C
2. The sentence implies
positive connotation is ....

a. Criminals had been shot dead
by police.
b. Bini Mang Udin has spawned.
c. The young wife is pregnant.
d. Tinah's mother was seven months pregnant.

- positive connotation is a word that connotes good. 
- wife said, and contains ~ connotes either. 
- Answer C
3. The boy set off huge when his father went to Japan.
        Meaningful word connotations in the above sentence is ....
a. child
b. depart
c. father
d. go


- The word meaningful connotations are words that are metaphors or not the actual meaning. 
- The word "left" means to move or start to. 
- Answer B

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